Family Therapy and Family Consultation

Family Therapy

Two or more people, however they are related, sometimes need to come together to improve the way they live in relationship with one another. Typically the goals of family therapy are to improve trust and communication within the family unit. Family members work together to resolve hurt or misunderstanding, or to improve trust and communication. Respectful relationships grow when each family member feels valued and heard. The frequency and content of family therapy sessions may vary depending on the particular family’s needs.

Family Therapy Goals:

  • Increase/rebuild trust
  • Improve communication
  • Resolve hurt or misunderstandings
  • Build a respectful relationship in which each member feels valued and heard

Family Consultation

In family consultation, one person or members of a family may meet together, with or without their loved one; depending on circumstances. When a family needs help to increase their ability to understand and cope with a loved one’s illness, consultation can be useful in helping process feelings and fears, helping educate the family about the loved one’s needs or strengths, and helping plan for future care and coping.

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