Research Tools

The primary Hamm Clinic research measure is the Outcome Questionnaire (OQ-45.2). This is given to clients at the initial intake appointment, at regular intervals during therapy. It is a relatively brief, self-report scale designed to measure client progress in therapy in four areas of functioning:

     > Global assessent/quality of life

     > Symptoms of psychological distress

     > Interpersonal relationships

     > Social role functioning (ability to work, go to school, and enjoy leisure activities).


In addition to the OQ-45, Hamm Clinic is excited to introduce the Partners for Change Outcomes Management System (PCOMs). PCOMS offers evidence based, systematic, real-time feedback to the therapist and client regarding the current session. It provides feedback about a client's emotional status entering a session and satisfaction with the session at the end of the therapy hour. It has been proven effective in randomized clinical trials and is endorsed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) national registry of evidence based programs and practices.