Training for Psychiatry Residents

A rotation at Hamm Clinic is available to psychiatry residents in their third and fourth year of training. In some cases, a second year resident will be considered. The psychiatry position focuses on:

  • Enhancing the resident's knowledge and skills in providing psychotherapy;
  • Gaining experience in working collegially with the clinician and client as a treatment triad;
  • Serving as an evaluator and diagnostic consultant in an outpatient community mental health setting.

The residents will learn and experience the multifaceted role of a psychiatrist-psychotherapist in an outpatient clinic setting including:

  • Providing psychotherapy;
  • Being responsible for on-going case-management;
  • Preparing electronic records;
  • Coordinating therapy and medication management;
  • Learning the ethical and legal considerations involved in service delivery to a broad psychiatric population.

Individual supervision focuses both on the role of psychiatrist in a community mental health setting and on the skills and methods used in psychotherapy.

Additionally, residents participate in a one hour weekly, multi-disciplinary team meeting for psychotherapy case consultations. These meetings allow clinicians to present case material and receive feedback from a variety of disciplines. For the resident, team is an opportunity to seek consultation from colleagues regarding psychotherapy cases, serve as a psychotherapy consultant, and serve as a physician-consultant to other team members.

The time commitment for this rotation varies according to the resident's school and the year of psychiatry training. The specific expectations and arrangement of time and training content must be approved by Hamm Clinic, the resident, and the Medical Director.

For more information about the psychiatry resident program at Hamm Clinic, click here.