Hamm Clinic offers year-long internship, residency, and fellowship training. Programs include:

  • Training for psychiatry residents
  • Social work internship
  • APA-accredited psychology internship
  • Masters-level clinical fellowship
  • Post-doctoral psychology fellowship

Training emphasizes the provision of quality, culturally-responsive individual psychotherapy for a diverse adult population. Trainees have the opportunity to utilize longer-term therapy, and to learn to work effectively with psychiatry and across mental health disciplines. Supervised experience with couples, family and group therapy is available. Psychology trainees receive specialized training in psychological assessment.

Supervision and Seminar Series:

Hamm Clinic trainees receive strengths-based supervision that encourages and supports self-reflection. Supervision and Seminar Series focus on:

  • Comprehensive assessment and case conceptualization
  • Strong foundational therapy skills
  • Examining therapeutic process
  • Utilizing transference/counter-transference to inform and enhance treatment
  • Psychodynamic technique, embedded within an integrative approach to treatment

Collaborative, Inter-disciplinary Work:

Trainees will develop skills in collaborative inter-disciplinary work. As a consultation team-member, trainees learn to navigate and facilitate productive collaboration with psychiatry, for the benefit of the client. In addition, trainees will learn how to provide peer-consultation, and to elicit and integrate feedback from a consultation group to supplement, enhance, and diversify their treatment approach.

Professional Development:

Training emphasizes professional development: Trainees gain greater skill and independence with organizing complex ethical issues, navigating difficult interpersonal interactions, and making thoughtful decisions to guide clinical care.

Time Commitment and Stipend

The time commitment and stipend for internships and fellowships varies. For more information please contact the appropriate person listed below.

Questions about the Training program should be addressed to:

Sean Fields, PsyD, LP
Director of Training, Education and Research