Training Opportunities at Hamm Clinic

Hamm Clinic’s approach to training enables interns and fellows to provide direct client care under close supervision. Hamm Clinic emphasizes clinical work with a focus on diagnostic evaluation and individual therapy. Training may also be available for supervised work with couples and group psychotherapy.

Each student has the opportunity to learn and experience the multifaceted role of clinical social worker, clinical psychologist, or psychiatrist-psychotherapist in an outpatient clinic setting while maintaining a caseload and managing the related practice responsibilities throughout the academic year.

Duties include:

  • Providing therapy
  • Providing psychological testing and test interpretation (for psychology interns and fellows only)
  • Being responsible for on-going case management
  • Attending meeting and seminars
  • Preparing electronic records
  • Coordinating therapy and medication management
  • Arranging referrals to other agencies and services
  • Learning the ethical and legal considerations involved in service delivery to a broad mental health population


Hamm Clinic trainees receive intensive clinical supervision. The supervisory experience includes attention to such things as how to:

  • Build a therapeutic alliance with the client
  • Listen to the presenting problems during intake
  • Gather a psychiatric and psychosocial history
  • Assess the need for and arrange for psychological testing
  • Clarify the client's symptom profile and arrive at an accurate diagnostic assessment
  • Create a treatment plan

During supervision clinical cases will be discussed from various theoretical and therapeutic perspectives. Audio and video recording may be used to facilitate supervision.

All students participate with staff psychotherapists in a one-hour weekly, multi-disciplinary team meeting for case consultation. Weekly individual supervision is provided and is the foundation of the training clinician's learning experience. .

In addition to the primary learning derived from the close supervision of therapy cases, education curriculum for trainees involves a nine month series of classes and seminars on various topics taught by Hamm Clinic staff and other community providers.

Time Commitment and Stipend

The time commitment and stipend for internships and fellowships varies. For more information refer to the Clinical Social Work, Clinical Fellowship, Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship, and/or Psychiatry Resident tabs at the top of this section.

Questions about the Training program should be addressed to the following:

Social Work, Psychiatry and Clinical Fellowship:
Susan Sethna, MSW, LICSW
Education and Training Coordinator

Psychology Internship:
Dr. Nicole Wolf, PhD, LP
Director of Psychology Training