Training and Education: Investing in the Future

Each academic year, Hamm Clinic provides specialized training and education for pre- and post-degree mental health professionals in the disciplines of clinical social work, psychology, and psychiatry through internship and fellowship programming. We presently offer an APA-accredited psychology internship, a clinical social work internship, a therapy fellowship for psychiatry residents, a masters-level clinical fellowship, and a post-doctoral psychology fellowship.

Hamm Clinic provides a 9-month seminar series for trainees and the community on clinical topics including therapeutic techniques, working with specific diagnostic issues, and special topics pertinent to the delivery of mental health care. The seminar series begins in the fall and runs through the spring.

Additionally, the Clinic sponsors an annual conference featuring local experts and nationally recognized speakers. Trainees, staff, mental health professionals, and community members attend these conferences. The annual conference offers a unique opportunity to meet and share ideas with clinicians from the broader community.