As we look back on the past year at Hamm Clinic it’s clear we increased the reach of our mission serving 28% more clients this past year with 21% more clients accessing our essential safety net sliding fee program. We even expanded our Trainee Program by 50% and our Horizon Fellowship stipends by 66%. This increase in our reach and response to community needs is a representation of both the legacy and the future of Hamm Clinic. At Hamm we not only promote mental health with culturally responsive, relational care, especially for those facing financial barriers, we also work to provide timely access to care when individuals need it. We now offer increased capacity and access to therapy providers with lower wait times than we’ve had in recent years.

Deciding to start the journey to mental wellness with Hamm Clinic as your provider is just the beginning. We are working hard to ensure that when a community member takes that initial step to reach out that we meet them where they are, making a match with an available provider and getting them scheduled for a future visit with low to no wait. Our founder, Margaret Hamm Kelley believed mental health care is a basic human right that should be accessible to everyone – today making care accessible remains a priority.

How each person defines success is as unique as each individual who comes through our doors. The journey to success for clients served at Hamm has many paths. In the past year alone 89 clients successfully completed their therapy journey as a Hamm client.

Providing increased and timely access to our one of a kind in person and telehealth therapy options is one way we contribute to the improvement of mental health in our community. Wherever Hamm clients are on their mental health journey, our team of providers, staff, volunteers, and board members remain dedicated to providing care, support, and hope on the path.



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We want you to feel welcome at Hamm Clinic. You and your provider will work together to help you improve your psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural health. We celebrate all of who you are, and are dedicated to providing trauma-responsive, culturally responsive, and equitable mental health care.

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