A Mission of Healing for All

Hamm Clinic’s mission is to promote mental health with culturally responsive, relational care to adults, especially to those facing financial barriers.

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Our Vision

  • Hamm Clinic will be the agency of choice in integrative mental health care with a dynamic, collaborative, and research-based model of care. Mental health care is a basic human right and we will increase access by reducing financial barriers for our clients. 
  • Hamm Clinic will strive to be culturally responsive and anti-oppressive. Our clients and communities will know us to be dedicated to these values and practices. We will share what we learn, while being visible and accountable to our community and ourselves. 
  • Hamm Clinic recognizes the importance of reciprocal and collaborative relationships with our clients, partnering to create healing together. We will join with our clients to identify and address unmet community needs through advocacy and program development.
  • Hamm Clinic will foster a community of professional colleagues locally and nationally by training culturally-responsive, anti-oppressive, and trauma-responsive providers. Hamm Clinic will lead this effort with innovative training and research that reflects best practice.
  • Hamm Clinic will create an intentional organizational culture in which board and staff members can thrive, with the goal of creating an optimal care environment for our clients. We acknowledge the impact of trauma and mental health concerns on our clients and staff and will invest in creating an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Our Core Values

Our team of compassionate mental health experts are guided by these core values:

  • Person-Centered – We prioritize the needs of each client and serve with intention, commitment, and genuine regard.
  • Integrity – We are accountable for all that we do, and work to be fair, fiscally responsible, and transparent.
  • Anti-Oppression – We promote equity for our clients and communities in order to meet diverse needs for access and care. We engage in practice that actively challenges injustice and critically examines power and privilege.
  • Learning – We believe in the human potential for growth for our clients, trainees, and staff. We see training as both community engagement and advocacy.
  • Collaboration – We strive to engage with multi-disciplinary colleagues, other service providers, and the community at large, promoting best practice and quality services.

A Legacy of Innovation

Our founder, Margaret Hamm Kelley, was ahead of her time. A social worker and granddaughter of renowned St. Paul leader Theodore Hamm, she recognized that mental illness was a serious problem … especially for those unable to afford care.

In 1954, Margaret established Hamm Clinic. She gathered a team of clinical social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists to provide integrated mental health care to individuals who could not pay for treatment. She also fought against the stigma of mental illness. Her motto was:

Comprehensive mental health care
is a basic human right that should be
accessible to everyone.

Margaret’s approach to treatment was collaborative and empathic. Her innovations are the foundation of our current Healing Together™ Model of Care (PDF). Our Hamm Clinic team is grateful to her as we build on her vision.

Hamm Clinic’s Strategic Plan 2020-2023

As we look into the future of Hamm Clinic, we are excited about meeting our mission in new and innovative ways. In a collaborative process with Hamm’s staff and board, we identified three strategic priorities to continue to build on the clinic’s legacy. Hamm’s Strategic Plan 2020-2023 (PDF).

Commited to Equity

Hamm Clinic’s dedication to cultural responsiveness and anti-oppressive practice is long-standing. Learn more about our Diversity & Equity Vision.

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What We Do

We want you to feel welcome at Hamm Clinic. You and your provider will work together to help you improve your psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural health. We celebrate all of who you are, and are dedicated to providing trauma-responsive, culturally responsive, and anti-oppressive mental health care.

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