Anna Weicker , MA

Psychology Intern
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Anna Weicker (they/them) provides individual and group therapy as well as psychological assessments, while receiving clinical training and supervision at Hamm. They hold a B.Sc. and M.A. in clinical psychology and are working toward their doctorate.

Anna’s style is engaged, authentic, and relational. Therapy is a deeply collaborative process – whether you seek to address difficulties arising from trauma or childhood experiences; you feel ready to explore relationship patterns that do not serve you any longer; or you hope to make changes in your day to day. Whatever your hopes for therapy, it takes patience, care, and curiosity to find new answers to old problems.

Anna believes that deep listening is a skill that helps us better understand ourselves and each other. Such listening includes respectful attention to the ways culture, race, class, gender, immigration, sexuality, and ability shape our sense of self  and our experience in the world.

Exploring the stories about us that we were told and end up telling ourselves can help change them, to become more inclusive and to make space for the parts of us previously left out. Being more fully present can help us find our footing as we take the next step.

Before training as a therapist, Anna lived in Berlin, Germany  where they were involved in a number of social justice movements and taught gender & queer studies with a focus on race & (post)colonialism. Their passion for social justice and trauma healing developed out of their work with survivors of sexualized and intimate partner violence, their community accountability work in queer communities, and their collaboration with refugee groups.

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