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Spencer Czech MPH, MSW, LGSW (they/them) is a psychotherapist at Hamm Clinic.  Over the last 12 years, Spencer’s education explored social and systemic barriers for trans and gender diverse folks seeking gender affirming care in what is now called the United States and Minnesota. In 2015, they obtained their Associates Degree in Philosophy from Minneapolis Community and Technical College; in 2018 they graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies; in 2023, Spencer graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Master’s of Social Work and a Master’s of Public Health. During this time, they provided case management and drop-in crises services with people experiencing homelessness, living with HIV, and/or experiencing barriers to sustaining their emotional health in the Twin Cities. Spencer completed their clinical training at Edges Wellness Center, LLC.

Spencer offers affirming services using the tools and education they have gained along their own journey and through their unique experiences. Spencer continues to evolve their values of abolition and anarchy believing we all have a responsibility to get rid of the systems that harm us and to build socially just, sustainable futures for everyone. Their abolitionist social work background guides their values of supporting people in their environment and relationship(s) to that environment. Spencer values being effective rather than being right and will bring this to their therapeutic work with you. Spencer specializes in working with queer, trans, & gender diverse folks, neurodivergent folks, folks with developmental (childhood) trauma, and those who have experienced long-term poverty. Spencer offers pleasure-based and gender-affirming sexuality exploration. These are Spencer’s areas of interest, but they are deeply passionate about learning and will do the work to learn about experiences they are unfamiliar with to best support you.

In sessions, Spencer starts with the belief that all of your feelings and experiences matter, and together you will explore how these can create lasting effects in your day-to-day life. Seeing how your feelings and experiences shape you and how you move through the world can be both freeing and difficult–especially when navigating traumatic experiences. In sessions with Spencer, your unique viewpoints and experiences will be the guide as they offer tools or suggestions to support you in achieving your wellness, hopes, and goals. During your work together, Spencer’s suggestions are just that: suggestions that you can determine whether you want to try. Our society pressures us to seek power and control over our life rather than being in relationship and balance with it. Spencer’s role and goals are to support you in using new tools to manage daily challenges and long-term, deep healing strategies. Let’s explore avenues for you to experience yourself, life, and relationships boldly. Spencer is informed by Narrative, Somatic, and Abolitionist Therapies.

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