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Clinical Trainee
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Josiane (Josie) Silva (she/her) is a Counseling Psychology Intern at Hamm Clinic and a graduate student in the master’s Counseling and Psychological Services program at Saint Mary University of Minnesota. Josie was born in Brazil, where she pursued her bachelor’s in speech-language pathology and researched and worked in the clinical field as a speech therapist with an integrative and multidisciplinary approach addressing equity, inclusion, social justice, and systemic barriers affecting marginalized communities in public health settings.

Now a psychotherapist in training, Josie intends to meet clients where they are in life and provide them with a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and warm environment to explore their life journey and experience as a human. She believes each person experiences life differently in this world due to the singularities of events in their own story. She is interested in understanding how the human body-mind makes sense of past and present lived experiences.

Josie looks forward to working together with clients, helping them navigate their life’s narrative and identify the feelings, emotions, behaviors, family histories, and cultural and systemic barriers, among many other life obstacles that interfere with one’s feeling alive, connected to themselves, to their identity and life purpose.

Josie strives to meet clients with humility, to be collaborative, and to respect clients’ views of healing and growth. She notes that she values the client-therapist relationship, and believes that the analysis of communication, attachment style, and patterns developed in this dyad is fundamental work in the therapeutic setting.

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