Beryl Bellmote

Saying Goodbye to Becky on Her Retirement

Becky Cooke came to Hamm five and a half years ago and has been making a difference for our clients each and every day. We recently reflected on her years at Hamm as we gratefully celebrate her on her retirement! When Becky came to Hamm, she says she did not know much about mental health. [...]


Depression – A Complex Disorder

By: Bud Ingram-Lile “I feel depressed” is a common phrase heard by mental health providers. Once used to describe a clinical state, the term has crept into common usage over time. Nowadays, it can mean anything from the “Monday blues” to a life-threatening illness. A mental health provider looks for a cluster of symptoms over [...]


MICP&P and Hamm Clinic Partnership

Blog Post by Ivy Johnson This past spring, Hamm Clinic announced its collaboration and partnership with the Minnesota institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (MICP&P), a training institute for post-graduate therapists that specializes in psychodynamic therapy. Through this partnership, Hamm Clinic’s fellows are given the opportunity to audit the classes free of charge – I [...]


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We want you to feel welcome at Hamm Clinic. You and your provider will work together to help you improve your psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural health. We celebrate all of who you are, and are dedicated to providing trauma-responsive, culturally responsive, and anti-oppressive mental health care.

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