Supported Learning

Clinical social work interns focus on providing outpatient services, including diagnostic assessment, treatment planning, and individual and group psychotherapy.

Learning is supported through Hamm Clinic’s 36-week seminar series, a weekly one-hour meeting with a social work clinical supervisor, one hour of weekly team consultation, monthly clinical team meetings, and a variety of topic-specific drop-in consult groups.

Specific Opportunities

Hamm Clinic usually fills three social work internships each year through the matching programs at the University of Minnesota, Augsburg, St. Catherine’s, St. Thomas, and St. Mary’s Schools of Social Work. At this time we only accept applicants from those programs.

The typical internship is a nine-month commitment with a minimum of 16 hours per week of on-site training. Specific internship expectations, time commitment, and training content must be approved by Hamm Clinic, the student, and the university.

For additional details about social work internships, view our 2021-22 internship description (PDF). Reach out to your school for specific application deadlines and procedures.

For Students of Color

Two of three social work internships are reserved for Hamm Horizon’s students of color.  Learn more about these stipend-eligible positions.

Healing Together™ Model of Care

At Hamm Clinic, you and your provider work together to set your personal goals and select the most effective treatment.

Our Model of Care puts you at the center. We want to help you improve your psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural health.

Find resources for hope and healing

What We Do

We want you to feel welcome at Hamm Clinic. You and your provider will work together to help you improve your psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural health. We celebrate all of who you are, and are dedicated to providing trauma-responsive, culturally responsive, and anti-oppressive mental health care.

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